2017 Goals

Follow my goal-setting plans! As a graduating senior I have several goals regarding my last semester of college as well as starting my post-baccalaureate life. I needed a place to document my goals, and I felt like my blog was a good place to do that since I can organize it really easily and have the space to quickly write and brainstorm how I will go about attaining these goals. I will likely add more goals in the upcoming days as I reflect on what kind of personal long-term goals I would like to focus on for the new year.

*All of these were taken from a Habitica challenge.

**Mid-Year Update** Check out my progress here! 

  1. Write a major list of goals
  2. Think hard about what you really want to accomplish next year, and what you want to accomplish first, and prioritize the list. If there are items on the list you must do, note them.
  3. Think about what you can reasonably accomplish during 2017, and narrow the list down (if it’s currently too long) to just a few major goals.
  4. Estimate the time to complete each goal, and note any deadlines. If projects are complex, break them down into smaller tasks.
  5. Identify skills or equipment or assistance you need to accomplish these goals.
  6. For each goal, write a few sentences about your motivation, the benefits of each project, and how the project will help you accomplish your goals. Documenting this can help keep you motivated.
  7. Examine patterns of work. (What times and days do you work best?)
  8. Understand what motivates you to get work done. Rewards? Deadlines? Praise? Accountability partners? How can you motivate yourself?
  9. Make a list of barriers, challenges, and tasks that consume your time.
  10. Create a general monthly plan for the year, so you know what you need to accomplish each month in order to be successful, and so that you have clear ways to monitor your progress and identify problems.
  11. Schedule monthly planning sessions, and monthly check-ins now, for the whole year.
  12. If any of the goals involve behavioral changes (like quitting smoking or cigarettes, losing weight, getting fit, etc.), it’s essential to look into what will help you be successful and what will undermine you, and make plans and changes accordingly.
  13. Habiticans: look at the Short Term Goal Accountability guild and the Long Term Project guild, as well as (if you like them), the Pomodoro Playground guild. If you haven’t tried pomodoros and you have trouble staying focused, give them a try!
  14. Before the end of 2016, plan to put your workspace in order: clean, neat, well-organized. It will help you get started with enthusiasm and enjoy your work more.
  15. Visit the guild of your choice, once you’ve completed all of these steps and have your documented 2017 master plan, and proudly announce you’re ready for 2017!