Today’s blog post will be very short because it’s already 2:08am and I’m trying to try this whole “get enough sleep” thing this semester. But it’s part of my Habitica list to try and blog at least twice a week, specifically on Wednesdays and Sundays so here I am. Hello.

The best part of my week was on Friday. One of the nurses who has somewhat unofficially become my mentor offered to write me a letter of recommendation. I was so stunned because I don’t remember formally asking him for one ever (and I tend to be very formal about it). I remember perhaps joking about it, and the nurse told me, “Oh you totally asked me like weeks ago!” I feel so touched that he would take something I probably said as a light (but sort of serious) joke, and then felt that I was a good enough volunteer to offer me a letter of recommendation.

Maybe this is just my opinion, but I think the best letter of recommendations are the ones you don’t necessarily have to “work hard” for. What I mean is that I didn’t have to try to kiss up or impress this person. I’m a naturally hard-working individual. And yes, I did want a letter of recommendation, but that wasn’t the reason why I work hard.

The same goes for the letters of recommendation I’ve received from my college professors. I never went into my Kinesiology professor’s office for the purpose of grabbing a letter. I genuinely love systemic Anatomy, and I just felt so moved to go into her office and announce it to her. And that was the very beginning of a great faculty relationship. Now I get to just drop by and talk to her about my life, and it feels natural. So when I asked her for a letter of recommendation, despite me still being nervous, I knew that if she said “yes,” it would be because she genuinely knew who I was–not someone I was faking to be.

I think these are the best letter of recommendations. The ones where your professors or mentors know you very well just because you’re you and they find that worthy of bragging about in their letters in order to purely help you achieve your goals.

Now because I’ve made a connection with this nurse, I have definitely one letter of recommendation ready for when I apply to medical school. Some people call me crazy, but working over one hundred hours in the ER was worth every moment, and getting this letter was just the icing on a very sweet cake.


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