June 24, 2017

Okay y’all. I admit I’ve been terrible at keeping up with blogging. Like I’ve mentioned previously, I make no promises on how often I update. I just felt like posting a couple of quick updates:

  • I graduated from college! Yay!
  • I’ll be finishing up my medical school pre-requisites this fall
  • I will also acquire my EMT certification hopefully within the next 6-7 months
  • I’m a Lead Teacher for a youth summer program this summer, teaching basic physics and engineering design
  • I’m teaching myself how to meal prep due to aforementioned job
  • I like birding still and I have an Instagram dedicated exclusively to my adventures @GammaCas
  • I have bird feeders and now my mom is into birds too (but she won’t admit it).
  • I started making a spreadsheet about medical schools I might apply to… because whenever I talked to friends about post-undergrad life, it kept leading me into this stressful hole of medical school so I figured I would turn that stress into productivity
  • I’m trying to work out because I want to be strong for my future patients
  • Basically everything I do is about my well-being

And honestly, that’s my life now. I read, do yoga, try to exercise, go birding, teach, and I sleep like 9 hours a day. All right y’all. I’m a real adult now. At least for the next 5 weeks.



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